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Neo UV-LED GlassTech

Printheads Konica Minolta 512MH (14pl) / Spectra 128SE (30 pl). Print width -2000x3000. The maximum resolution - 720x1440 dpi. 1440H2880 dpi optionally.

Printer Specification

Model Neo UV-LED GlassTech
Printing system Drop-on-demand piezo electric
Ink subtanks Filled up during printing / 50ml per color
Ink UV-LED Sunflower Nano Ink
Print heads’ management The printheads’ temperature and tension are managed by software
Positioning of material vacuum clamp
Preroll system no
Material’s feed no
Curing system UV-LED
RIP Color Gate, Photo Print, Caldera
Color mode ICC-colors, adjustable curves, adjusted density
File types TIFF,JPEG,Postscript 3,EPS,PDF etc
Electricity 50Hz/60Hz,220V(±10%)>20A
Environment requirements Temperature range 20-30’C , relative air humidity 40-70%
Guarantee 1 year (for details contact the company)
Number of printheads 4-14 printheads Konica Minolta/ 24-28 голов Spectra 128SE (optionally)
Colors CMYK, Lс,Lm+ W ( optionally )
Resolution 720 X1440dpi (max) 1440 Х 2880 dpi (optionally)
Printing speed with maximum number of printheads per color Draft mode : ​​without the white from 40 m2 / h
Production mode: from 25 м2/h
High quality mode: from 15 м2h
Max printing width 2000 Х 3000
Max printing thickness 200 mm
Media types Sheet materials
Resistance (external application) Minimum 3 years (with Sunflower nano ink)

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